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Travel Blogger Problems

I wouldn’t really call myself a ‘travel blogger’, I am someone who writes occasionally and sporadicly about travel on this far flung galaxy at the outermost reaches of the internet.

Even though I’m not what I would call a ‘travel blogger’ I do seem to still suffer from their greatest affliction ‘travel blogger problems’.

These problems normally fall into the following categories; time (or lack of time) dedicated to blogging, things I will do or make others do to help with my blog and keeping up with what everyone else is doing.


Ahhhhh what I wouldn’t give for more time to be able to dedicate to my blog…truth is, I do have time, I just end up doing other stuff instead. Like endlessly looking at what new TOMS I should buy, or reading my never-ending stack of travel porn or less productively binge-watching ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ on Netflix. (If you haven’t watched it yet, go do it now)

I know that in order to be a successful travel blogger I should be carving out more time to work on the blog and maximise the time I do have by writing and scheduling posts and social media updates in advance but again the truth is, at the moment I am not too bothered about being ‘successful’. I am purely doing this for my own enjoyment so if I don’t touch my blog for 2 months (which has happened very recently) I am not going to beat myself up about it.



Things I do…

Plan everything – I have always been a planner and organiser. My parents love telling a story about how I used to line up my toys in height order and give them a pep talk and plan of the day before starting to play with them. This hasn’t stopped as I have got older and it really comes to ahead with holidays and trips, if you want to read more about my meticulous planning have a look at this post that really goes into detail of how much of a planner I am. This isn’t a problem for me as such but it does mean now that I’ve started recording things on this blog my organisation before I go anywhere has gone into overdrive just to make sure I don’t miss anything. I have the classic FOMO (fear of missing out) and will do anything in my power to avoid it. On a recent trip to Berlin with friends they started calling me ‘Akela’ which for anyone not in the know is the name they give to a cub scout leader because it’s the name of the head of the wolf-pack in ‘The Jungle Book’. They did so because even though I dialled down my organisational and planning self, bits of it still crept out every now and then on the trip and I think they secretly liked it as it meant we actually did stuff!

Take way too many photos – Again something I have always done but has really started to become a problem since I started the blog as I am forever trying to make sure I get the perfect shot. A lot of this starts at home as I scour Pinterest for inspiration or look to the work of others to see how they have captured an original shot in a typical location and then when I get to said location all of this goes out of the window and I take so many shots of the exact same thing just to make sure I have one I will hope I like. My new thing is take photos of food, much to my Husband and close friends/family’s annoyance as their dishes have to be snapped before they are allowed to start digging in.

Attempt 1 of the Geysir in Iceland

Attempt 1 of the Geysir in Iceland

Attempt 2...

Attempt 2… hmmm the sky is not quite as blue!

Attempt (can't remember!)

Attempt (can’t remember!) but nailed it!

Keeping up with everyone else

So a huge problem for me at the moment is looking at what everyone is doing. As I’ve already said I am not out to be the ‘best’ travel blogger in the industry but I do really admire those that are at the top of their game and dedicate so much time to writing and updating their social media regularly. It’s actually really difficult to carve out that time and many bloggers are doing it on top of full time jobs so huge respect for them.

Last month I went to my first blogging event, Traverse in Cardiff and whilst the weekend was fantastic and I learnt so much it also made me a bit nervous as some of the bloggers there are just so on it. I came away feeling a bit overwhelmed at the amount of work they do however scrolling through all their Instagram feeds and tweets is a favourite part of my day and I love reading new posts when they pop up on Bloglovin. I get so much enjoyment from reading the work of other bloggers that I spend a lot of time looking at what they are doing and whilst on occasion it does scare me that I am nowhere near their level, it’s more inspiration and respect that I get that makes it for me so I won’t be stopping anytime soon!

What travel blogging problems do you have? Are you like me with taking way too many photos? Let me know in the comments below.