Travel Link up

Travel for your well-being…

Travel and well-being are the focus of this months travel link up with the lovely ladies from  Adventures of a London Kiwi, SilverSpoon London, Follow Your Sunshine and Sophie’s Suitcase.

For myself and the majority of people I know, booking a holiday or a trip away from home is always a welcome respite from the normality and structure of our busy lives and having something to look forward to in the future always makes me feel better.

I always seem to plan and factor in some rest and relaxation time for our trips and find this time really helps me to calm down and switch off before coming home. Here are my favourite well-being and mindfulness activities (or non-activities if you like) that I get up to when travelling.


As much I would love to say I read at home all the time, I don’t. I just never seem to find the time but on holiday or when I am travelling I always have time to settle down with a book for a bit. Although that is likely to change now we have a toddler in tow but I will still make sure I pack the Kindle in the hope I get some escapism time with a good book.


There’s something so relaxing and peaceful about being in water, I love it. If I could have a bath every night I would but on holiday I get to submerge myself on an almost daily basis. I think it probably harks back to me being a bit of a swimmer when I was younger. I find swimming lengths really relaxing and a great way to switch off as I focus on how long of each length I have left, my stroke and how many lengths I’ve already done rather than what’s going on in my life currently. Even when booking city breaks I am on the lookout for a hotel with a pool so I can get my cheeky water fix.


I blooming love a good massage; deep tissue, aromatherapy, thai, basically anything where I get to lay down and have my sore and aching muscles attended to is a winner with me. I ALWAYS without fail end up having at least one if not more (hello South East Asia!) massages whilst travelling, it’s an indulgence that doesn’t feel like one whilst I am away for some reason. If my massage comes with access to other spa facilities then even better and cue some serious relaxation time for me.

Slow Breakfasts/Brunch

At home I am sure the majority of us either eat breakfast on the go or just miss it completely in a bid to get out of the door and to work/school/wherever on time. Whilst travelling we naturally have more time to spend over meals and the one I love to take the most time over is Breakfast (or Brunch) if I’ve had a great lie in. Sometimes I even take the humble breakfast into 3-course meal territory and have a little cereal or granola and yoghurt starter, a cooked fry up for main followed by a little fruit salad dessert. Amazing, there’s really not a better way to start the day and if coupled with a glorious view what a great way to heal your mind, soul and body.


I’m not advocating sitting out in the baking sun for hours on end but the health benefits of Vitamin D from sunlight are already well documented and not to be ignored. In Winter, the UK sunlight doesn’t contain enough UVB radiation for our skin to make Vitamin D naturally so we have to rely on getting it from food sources and/or supplements. So a winter sunshine break is officially good for your health! A brilliant excuse to book your next getaway whilst the UK is experiencing the ‘beast from the east’ cold snap.

Pina Coladas!

So whilst going through my hard-drive for photos for this post I found a shockingly large number of photos of myself enjoying my favourite holiday tipple – the pina colada! So  clearly a pina colada whilst travelling is essential to my well-being! It’s not a drink I would order at home and definitely something to enjoy in the sun whilst relaxing in perfect surroundings.

What’s on your travel well-being wish list? What do you indulge in whilst on holiday that helps you feel in relaxed mode?