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#TBPs: Travel blogger problems

This months travel link up is all about the crazy things we do in the name of our blogging ventures. As a very inexperienced blogger I have been working away on my site since March, hoping and praying that someone somewhere will like some of what I am sharing. This has meant however that the cultivation of my site has come at the expense of my pre-blogging (normal) behaviours. I would like to coin these eccentricities ‘travel blogger problems’.

Travel Blogger Problem #1: Working on my website

When I first told the other half I wanted to start a blog he was super helpful with setting up all the technical and behind the scenes stuff I needed but didn’t quite understand. He set me up with a self-hosted WordPress site, bought my domain names and did all the initial ground work ensuring that I just had to write some content.

As the months have rolled by I have started to become more interested in the behind the scenes aspect and the general appearance of my blog. I now find pleasure in working out how to change aspects of the site without his help, no matter how small a change it may be it excites me greatly! For example when I worked out how to have the scrolling featured posts across the top of my blog this felt like an epic achievement but to the other half this was just some super simple coding button I had enabled and actually not that clever at all! Now he gets annoyed at the fact that when I change something I have to ask for his opinion on every minute detail. I am hoping to launch a redesign for my blog by the end of the month so have caused even more pain over the last few weeks as I have been making changes on the original site and putting things in place on the new one!

Travel Blogger Problem #2: Social media servant

Of course before I started the blog I used to use Facebook anyway and had a fledgling personal Instagram account but since claiming my various Travelling Teacher handles across all the platforms I have become something of a servant to my social media accounts. Now instead of just checking Facebook first thing on a morning or before I go to sleep the order is as follows; Twitter, Bloglovin, Facebook, Pinterest and then my favourite Instagram. I am only just starting to get into the world of Snapchat and after being an avid watcher of other bloggers Youtube videos will start to branch out into that soon enough. I practically jump for joy whenever I get a new follower and even though I have only just broken through the 100 followers benchmark on Twitter and Instagram I still love spending time posting on them and following others for inspiration.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 13.34.57

130 followers equals mini-win!

As a teacher I am supposed to be telling my students to get off social media and get their heads into their books instead so really need to heed my own advice and get back to reading more travel literature as opposed to just scrolling through posts constantly.

Travel Blogger Problem #3: Taking too many photos

I have to say this has always been a mild addiction waiting in the wings to become a full blown problem. The blog is now the perfect excuse for the amount of time I will spend taking photos or making the other half take photos (must get exact posed position correct!); something which until the blog started he actually didn’t mind but now because everything needs to be Instagram worthy he is starting to get a little miffed!


Trying to get a ‘natural’ looking posed windswept beach photo. I made the other half continue until I was reasonably happy (read: no photos were exactly what I had in my head!)

I have even roped my Dad into taking photos for my blog which he found quite amusing but would probably be equally as enraged with if he had to put up with it on a regular basis like the other half does. The pleasure of taking photos has really come to the fore with the purchase of my new Olympus Pen and this is now an addiction I don’t think I will ever want to cure.

Travel Blogger Problem #4: Not caring about any of the above

Not a problem as such but an affirmation as to why I do all of the above in the first place and why I’m not really concerned about #TBPs. I love having visual reminders of memories from trips and in some ways I am more than happy for my blog and social media accounts to be just that. My photos are all the stimuli needed for me to look back on great memories, prose that will transport me back to where those memories were created helps me relive the special moments and if I happen to make a few other people book similar trips or read my content then that’s just a bonus. My blog is a release from my job and gives me a chance to engage my creativity in a different way to how I use it at work in the planning and teaching of lessons.