My Bookcase


I am 100% from the school of failing to prepare means preparing to fail so I like to do a good bit of research before I go on a trip. I would love to be one of those tourists or travellers that just goes with the flow and sees what happens when I get somewhere; actually scrap that, no I wouldn’t! Part of my fun is in the planning and there is nothing more I love than building up my bookcase with Travel Guides and books, although in this day and age it can be more convenient to have these all in electronic version be it in on your eReader or iPad but it’s not just the same as browsing through the pages, underlining certain sections or folding the tops of the corners so they are easy to refer to later.

Below you will find a list that I’m hoping you will find useful with planing your trips and epic adventures, be sure to let me know if there are any that I should look at buying and adding to my ever growing collection! I also have an impressive stack of travel magazines which are too part of this ‘travel porn’ obsession which you can read about in my very first post on the blog.

The following books are a must go to, first point of call for researching and planning any of my trips.

Lonely Planet – New York City

Lonely Planet – East Coast Australia

Namibia Customs

Eyewitness Travel – South Africa

Lonely Planet – Barcelona

Lonely Planet – Cuba

Lonely Planet – Cancun, Cozumel and the Yucatan

Lonely Planet – Europe on a shoestring

Time Out – Country Walks

Time Out – Amsterdam

Time Out – Las Vegas

Time Out – Marrakech

Lonely Planet – Tanzania

Lonely Planet Pocket – Los Angeles

Lonely Planet Pocket – Las Vegas

Travel Photography

501 Must-Visit Cities

Dive in Style

Lonely Planet – The Travel Book

Lonely Planet – The World

NYT – 36 Hours 125 Weekends in Europe

Happy travel planning!