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Most wanted: Instagram travel photos

Instagram travel photos are one of the reasons I can no longer just go to sleep without scrolling through the latest updates on the app. There are some destinations that I want to visit simply because I have seen one amazing photo of a location on Instagram or Pinterest. I…

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#TBPs: Travel blogger problems

This months travel link up is all about the crazy things we do in the name of our blogging ventures. As a very inexperienced blogger I have been working away on my site since March, hoping and praying that someone somewhere will like some of what I am sharing. This…

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Most wanted, Scuba Diving

Most Wanted: The scuba bucket list

We’ve already dived in some great locations; The Red Sea, Indonesia, Cozumel, the cenotes of Mexico and randomly Majorca but after writing my list of top 5 wish-list destinations and learning about the amazing experience of diving between 2 continental plates in Iceland I’ve started to think about other must…

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What to do in…Ibiza

With Easter just around the corner I’ve been thinking back to when we got engaged about this time 2 years ago. We booked a very last minute break to Ibiza to try and get some sun and unbeknown to me the Hubby had been planning to propose so this ended up…

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Travel Porn

I coined the phrase Travel Porn. I have proof.   Back when the Hubbie and I first started going out he was shocked by the amount of subscriptions I had to travel magazines. I explained that this was my travel porn, my stash of weekend and evening reading that I…

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