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What to do in…Milan

I have been meaning to visit Milan ever since a very good friend moved there almost 2 years ago and as the other half has done lots of business in the city previously he assured me we would be able to have a great weekend break there so using some…

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My Year: 2015 round up

I started blogging as The Travelling Teacher around March, after harbouring a desire to do so for a long time ready with so many ideas for posts from travels past and present. I pressed publish on my first post at the end of that month and soon 2015 became full…

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Destinations, Iceland, What to do in...

What to do…in Iceland

Iceland has been on my bucket-list ever since I started collecting travel magazines (which has been for far too long – see my post on Travel Porn here). It always seemed like such a remarkable country; full of amazing natural sights, enviable coffee and cake shops and the infamous Blue…

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Most wanted

Most wanted: Instagram travel photos

Instagram travel photos are one of the reasons I can no longer just go to sleep without scrolling through the latest updates on the app. There are some destinations that I want to visit simply because I have seen one amazing photo of a location on Instagram or Pinterest. I…

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Africa, Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

Selous Game Reserve safari

Selous Game Reserve proved to be the perfect spot for our first safari experience. Our game drives out into the reserve were truly the highlight of our holiday so thought they deserved their own post.  I’ve already written about our scenic flight into the reserve and about the amazing luxury…

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Africa, Marrakech, Morocco

The Medina Marrakech

My post on what to do in Marrakech hinted at the craziness behind the Medina walls; we hired a guide for our first day and found this to be a great introduction to the medina in Marrakech. I arranged our tour with Reda whom I had found on Tripadvisor. Achraf…

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