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Smart Travel Tips if you’re Going on Holiday with a Group

Travelling as a group can be a brilliant experience. It can be cheaper, and it can also work out better logistically and better value in terms of accommodation as well. You should take note that travelling as a group requires a completely different approach when compared to travelling as a couple or even with a best friend, and these top tips should really help to get you started.


Talk Everything Out

It really helps to get everyone in the same room so that you can talk everything out and discuss the plans for your trip. If you can’t do this in person make use of technology and consider the use of a Whats App group or using Face to Face calling.

Sometimes it will be clear what things everyone wants to do and it may also be clear who doesn’t want to certain things. It may help to plan in advance things you will all do together and things you will do away from the whole group in order to help prevent any last-minute disasters.


Share your Knowledge

Everyone will have probably done their fair share of research. This is great, but it’s important that the information is shared between everyone. This way, everyone can be on the same page and it can also help you to get a better idea of what is going to happen. Again the best way to do this, may be to have everyone share ideas to a email or a Whats App group. It may even change the plan that you have set out as well, for example, if it turns out that the train is a far more efficient method of travel when compared to the bus then this would require a group decision to make sure that it is the right call and this can be easily done in this way.


Must-Do Activities

You really don’t want to spend thousands on accommodation, admission, travel and even exchange rates, only to be told that you can’t do the things that you want to do. Everyone needs to write down what they want to do. If everyone has the same idea then this is great, but you don’t want to single out one person and force them to miss out on something they want to do just because nobody else does. There are ways around this, such as booking an excursion for that person and then planning out the rest of the day accordingly. When you do this, the single person won’t be on their own as they have another group to join for the day, but it also means that nobody has to do something they don’t want to do. If you need some ideas, look into student trips who plan group trips for university and college students.



Play to your Strengths

As the trip plans out, it will become obvious what role everyone is going to play on the holiday. There may be someone who has a good sense of direction, someone who can read maps and someone who is even happy talking to strangers. Let people play to their strengths and let them take care of the jobs that they are most competent at. As the workload gets spread around, it will make it much easier for the whole group and not leave person overwhelmed and feeling like they are in charge of everything.


Money, Money, Money

Always a contentious issue with any trip it’s probably a good idea to make a plan for what you will all do with regard to splitting drinks, food, accommodation and excursion costs. It may be that you want to contribute to a group kitty and then use this to pay for things that everyone participates in or everyone paying their own way may work better for you and your group.


Are you planning any group trips or have you been on any in the past?