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One minute in…Iceland

Iceland was easily the most amazing place I have visited, the landscape was incredible and it’s fairly easy to get to all the sights as a tourist making it an ideal stop-over en route to North America or good for a quick break from the UK. I’ve already written about all the bits of Iceland you don’t want to miss and dedicated a whole post to the infamous Blue Lagoon, which despite being pretty crowded and a little expensive is well worth the visit.

One of my new blog resolutions (I know I am bit early!) is to start creating content for YouTube, I do enjoy the process even though it gets a little annoying importing clips and making sure I am not breaking any copyright laws with music choices.

So far I’ve only done 2 videos, this one of Iceland and another of Marrakech and as I hate the sound of my own voice it’s not really a vlog as such but I hope it may be useful to some as a quick snapshot of what you can get up to in a destination.

Featured in this video: The Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle Tour (Pingveller National Park, Gulfoss, Strokkur) Vik Beach, Glacier, Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss.

Thinking of doing a video on the Riveria Maya next or I could do Tanzania…let me know which you’d prefer first!