Travel Link up

Once in a lifetime experiences…

This month’s travel link up is all about once in a lifetime experiences, I was originally planning on writing about trips still on my ever increasing bucket list however I quickly realised that I’ve already been on some pretty amazing once in a lifetime adventures that what better place than here to remind myself of them.

Safari in Tanzania, Africa

I have wanted to go on safari for as long as I can remember and after failing to get something booked in time for our honeymoon we were able to travel to Tanzania the year after our Wedding for a once in a lifetime safari experience.


Everything about our safari was incredible; the tiny plane that dropped us right in the middle of the bush, the early morning game drives, sundowners next to a rhino taking a bath and of course all the wonderful wildlife we were lucky enough to see. Our guide was instrumental in ensuring we had the best experience and didn’t even bat an eyelid on getting us a little bit closer to the action.


Scuba Diving in a cenote, Mexico

When Chris and I first debated booking ourselves onto an Open Water Scuba course here in the UK little did we know that some 7 years later we’d have completed over 100 dives between us and also qualified as Advanced Scuba Divers with PADI in 2013.

We’ve come a long way since that nervous first dive in the sea on our trip to Dahab, Egypt in 2012 diving in Indonesia, Mexico, Majorca, Ibiza and Zanzibar, experiencing all that the wonderful underwater world has to offer from shipwrecks to caverns and blue holes. We haven’t actually been diving since 2015 due to me being pregnant with the mini-explorer, so this year marks our return to making bubbles underwater with a trip to the world-famous dive sites of Cyprus on the cards in August.

The most amazing dive we’ve ever made has to be some of the ones we made during our honeymoon trip to Mexico when we dived two of the Cenotes in the Yucatan area. The dives were visually stunning and physically arresting and I can’t think of a time when I’ll ever experience a more perfect dive in my lifetime.


The Rockies, Canada

Canada was our first trip abroad with our mini explorer and what an epic adventure we had. This would have been a once in the lifetime adventure even without our bubs but she made it all the more special and of course the setting was pretty spectacular too. We ticked off many bucket list sights on our visit to the Banff and Jasper National Parks, although this is a trip I would love to repeat so maybe this won’t be a once in a lifetime experience after all!

Snorkelling with whale sharks, Cozumel

Another once in a lifetime experience on our honeymoon trip, I’d read so much conflicting information about the diving with whale sharks experience and whether or not it was harmful to the animals. I decided to go ahead with the experience based on excellent reviews for one particular company who assured excellent environmental and ethical practises. The experience was exhilarating and nerve-wracking as the majestic whale sharks are so huge it’s difficult to actually take a whole sight of one of them in let alone get a decent photograph! Swimming near them was an extra-ordinary thrill as they are very very fast so keeping up with them was a bit of a mission to be honest!

Thanksgiving in New York

Maybe not once in a lifetime for some but definitely once for me as I was so cold in New York when I visited over Thanksgiving that it would put me off returning at this time of year again.

But and it’s a big but, it was a magical time to visit the Big Apple; what with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and preparations for Christmas being made across the city including the famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree it was such a great time to be there. And an added bonus was all the Sales around at that time of year! I came home with so many bargains!

What experiences have you had that have been once in a lifetime worthy? Let me know in the comments…