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A His n’ Hers Travel Menu

If travel were a menu I know exactly what I’d want; places I’ve dreamed of sampling for myself for a long time and the thoughts of which I can’t get out of my head. Each course a new destination; individually sublime but when put together become a taste of what delights the world has to offer. So I offer you this an insight into the tastes of a travel obsessed couple, a smorgasboard of our favourite adventures we’ve yet to have.

‘The Shorthaul’ Starter

Hers – Copenhagen

After reading a fair few books on the Danish way of living and their fondness of hygge (if you don’t know already it’s all about family and friends being together warm and cosy) I would love to visit Copenhagen and soak up the Danish way of life for myself. The city looks great for just sauntering around and seems buggy friendly so definitely somewhere we could take our mini explorer in the future.

The quintessential Copenhagen image via Pixabay

His –  Venice

A place he has always wanted to see and somewhere I’ve been lucky enough to make a return visit to. We keep looking at flights and think it will be a great place to go once mini explorer is a little bit older as it’s not really ideal terrain for pushing a buggy about. Italians do love babies (and children in general) so I’m sure we will get a warm welcome whenever we go.

The Grand Canal, Venice

The ‘in it for the Long Haul’ Main

Hers – Cuba

I’ve wanted to go to Cuba ever since I first became obsessed with Travel. The lure of mojitos, rhythm and a country trapped in a time-warp was almost a travel goal realised last year however the spread of the Zika virus meant as a Pregnant woman I was unable to fulfill tick Cuba off my bucket list. It’s somewhere I know we will get to eventually and I do hope it’s before the magic of Cuba is lost with the arrival of hoardes of cruise ships and the like.

Architecture and old cars in Cuba, image via Pixabay

His – New Zealand

Having already visited Austrailia, New Zealand was of course going to be up for the other half as somewhere he still has yet to conquer. Unfortunately for him marrying a teacher means the best time for us to go also works out at one of the most expensive; the 2 week break over Christmas and New Year and the height of the Summer Season. It’s such a long way to go for just 2 weeks however so we’d want to go for longer and of course if you’re going all that way it would be rude not to drop in on some other places nearby to make the trip worth our while. Maybe we’ll have to save this Grand Adventure for the next round of Maternity leave!

The stunning vistas of New Zealand, image via Pixabay

The ‘leaves you wanting more’ Dessert

Hers – The Maldives

What’s not to love? Crystal clear aquamarine waters, golden and white sands, impeccable service and the thrill of being able to scuba dive all day long if we wanted to (within dive profile limits of course!) Every single picture I see of the Maldives makes we want to be able to experience it for myself, the joy of being able to completely relax and switch off appeals to me as normally on a trip or holiday I like to cram in as much as possible whereas this would force me into slowing down. I do think it would probably ruin any future holidays for me though, how can you top the Maldives?!

The picture perfect Maldives, image via Pixabay

His – Galapagos

Another diving themed destination! Maybe it’s due to the fact we haven’t had chance to dive in almost 18 months or maybe it’s just because the idea of visiting the Galápagos Islands seems so different and in a way exotic that it’s somewhere that will undoubtedly leave you wanting more as there’s so much more yet to discover about this fascinating part of the world. The recent BBC series gave just a snapshot of the wildlife and nature the islands have to offer and I must admit I was a tad jealous that I hadn’t thought of this as my own dessert.

What lurks beneath the Galápagos Islands, image via Pixabay

Maybe we will get to indulge in all the delights on our perfect travel menu or perhaps we will just get to sample one or two courses; whatever the outcome I’m sure like any good restaurant we will adopt seasonal changes and adapt our menu to suit as time goes on and a whole new destination menu will need consideration and I know I’ll be more than happy to oblige!