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My top destinations for an Adventure Trip

It’s no secret that I am a massive fan of adventure travel and let’s be honest travel in general. Being able to explore far-flung places, tick things off your bucket list, and immerse yourself in cultures that are diverse, is without a doubt a fun thing to do. And really, as cheesy as it may sound, travel is one of those things that may cost you money but the experience and memories that you get are worth it; travel can be such an education if done right.

But what are some of the best adventures to be taking around this world of ours? Here are some of the top adventure trips I’ve ever been on, started or would love to do to help inspire you to plan your next adventures. Hopefully, they’ll give you some ideas and feed your need for trip and fill you with curiosity, and wanderlust.

Kauai, Hawaii

It’s quite a journey to get to from the UK so would need at least a fortnight dedicated to it but if you are looking for an island adventure, then you can’t get too far wrong from Kauai, Hawaii. There is a big surf scene there, as well as other water sports and brilliant hiking trails, so it can be a fun and active adventure for all. The island is also where films like Jurassic Park and King Kong were filmed, so it is home to some stunning scenery all of which you can discover on the different tours and activity options on the island.

New Zealand

The smaller country right by Australia often gets a little overlooked by its larger cousin with more people choosing to spend longer in Oz and just make a short hop (if anything over that way is ever short!) to New Zealand. But it is a great place for adventure with it’s rugged and varied landscape. As well as having a look around some of the Lord of the Rings filming locations (and Hobbiton that is set up for people to explore), New Zealand is a great place for things like hiking, white water rafting, bungee jumping, and water sports. The climate is pretty good nearly all year round too, so can make it a good choice for travel at any time of the year as long as you’re not bothered about beach type weather.

Machu Picchu, Peru

The mountain of Machu Picchu is a World Heritage site that is famous the world over and somewhere I’ve always longed to go. I’ve planned this trip so many times in my head but not actually had the chance to take it. It is usually a good idea to take an organised tour so you get the knowledge of a local, but it can be done by yourself too as long as you buy the official trekking permits required. Hiking Machu Picchu gives you the chance to see and explore some really amazing ancient ruins and impressive geographical sites but you can also soak up the Peruvian cultural atmosphere and experience from your base in Cuzco.


I visited Croatia when pregnant with my first mini-explorer and could see it is somewhere I need to return to as an adventure traveller. As far as European countries go, Croatia does get a little overlooked. But it is hard to see why as there is plenty to see and do, with stunning architecture, as well as fun cities and stunning beaches. It is a good place to be out on the water, with kayaking in Croatia being one of the top choices of things to do over there. The climate is great, and the Croatian food; divine. You’re also in a prime spot for visits to neighbouring countries such as Montenegro and Bosnia which also have great untapped adventure travel opportunities.


We loved our trip to Canada so I suspect we would also loved a visit to Alaska. If you want the comfort of being in America where they speak English, but not really being in America, if that makes any sense, then Alaska is a US state unlike any other. For some amazing wildlife, beautiful landscapes, and great National Parks, there is plenty to see and do. It could be hiking, biking, fishing, and adventuring; it is all about being in the great outdoors. You never know, you might find that you spot a grizzly bear.

USA Road Trip

The Ultimate Road Trip; we did a very short road-trip back in 2015 from Vegas to Los Angeles but it definitely left me wanting more and if you want to go on a road trip, then the US is the one place that springs to mind; it is pretty famous for road tripping, right? There is a pretty iconic route along the California highway along the Pacific coast, that is a great spot for those looking to road trip, as well as those nature lovers with access to many of the best National Parks in the country. If you also wanted to add an extra big city hitter onto your trip then San Francisco is a good route to or from Los Angeles, you’ll see and experience lots of different things from the coast, to large redwoods, and the very photogenic McWay Falls.


I’ve never been to South America and it’s something I need to change so for something a little different and a bit of an eye-opener to something new, heading over to South America to explore the ancient Mayan ruins could be an adventure like no other. El Mirador is a largely untouched Mayan ruin that is tucked away in the Guatemalan jungle. It dates back around 2000 years, so really is a place that is worth exploring. Organised tours take two or three day usually, so there is time to do other things in the country before or after your trip into the jungle.


If cooler climates are more your thing and you like winter sports, then the various Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Denmark, or Norway, could be right for you. The beautiful snow capped mountains, skiing, dog sledding, snow shoeing, as well as things like Lapland in Finland or visiting the ice hotel in Sweden are all stuff prime on many people’s bucket lists. You might even get to spot the Northern Lights if you are there at the right time, usually in the winter months of December, January, and February are your best bets although this spectacular force of nature is never guaranteed but with everything else to do I doubt you’d be disappointed for long.


I never really realised how much of an adventure destination Mexico is until we went on Honeymoon to the Riviera Maya in 2014. It’s a great spot for nature lovers, art lovers, as well as sun worshippers as the climate is fantastic. There are world class attractions to see and visit, from ancient ruins, to more modern things like the Frida Kahlo museum. But you can’t get away from Mexico’s great beaches as well as jungle. There are good rivers and places to dive, as well as a huge range of water sports and aquatic life, meaning snorkeling and diving can be a very accessible thing to do. If you consider yourself to be a bit of a foodie, then Mexico is a great place to add to your list of adventures too with excellent local food spots as well as gourmet restaurants.

Southeast Asia

We’ve explored Indonesia but there’s so much more of this region I’d love to explore and with my sister heading off to Thailand in a couple of weeks I am more than a bit jealous. There is a reason why many people enjoy going backpacking around southeast Asia, as there is so much on offer. But however you prefer to travel, backpacking or in luxury, there is something for everyone. The region is made up of some amazing places, from Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and so on; there are many choices. You can visit the hustle and bustle of the cities, as well as relax on the beaches. Boat trips are a must in the area, as there are so many small islands dotted around every destination. The diving in the region is also incredible with some of the best marine life in the world and brilliantly bright coral all to tempt you into the water.

Where are you planning on adventuring to next? I hope we’ve inspired you with some destination choice so do let us know in the comments below on where you’re planning to head to…