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Most Wanted: Islands I wouldn’t mind being stranded on…

I am obsessed with the second series of Bear Grylls ‘The Island’. I loved the first series but with the addition of the women’s Island I feel the programme has become a remarkable study into human nature and the trials and tribulations of being able to survive with very little. I would love to think that I could do really well on The Island but I am not sure I would be able to be cope with some of the extremities of survival so I have started to think about places where I wouldn’t mind being stranded for a couple of weeks, some are not that remote and none are completely deserted but they are all my idyllic versions of the Island.

1. Tavarua Island, Fiji


 A heart shaped island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, with carefully constructed bures for just 36 guests to stay in, you can surf, dive and feel like you won the lottery with your own stretch of paradise. The coral reefs surrounding the island apparently provided the inspiration for Pandora in the film Avatar, if it’s good enough for James Cameron it’s good enough for me!

2. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil


The UNESCO world heritage site of Fernando is a slightly more rugged version of island bliss (strictly speaking an archipelago) that wouldn’t look out of place in a Bond movie. Visitor numbers are currently restricted in order to protect the delicate eco-systems and world famous diving the islands have become renowned for.

3. Pakleni Islands, Croatia


Situated just off the already beautiful island of Hvar, the Pakleni Islands are a collection of beautiful bays and beaches waiting to be explored by boat on either a personal charter or tourist ferry during the high season in Summer. Just be careful you don’t accidentally end up on one of naturist beaches if that’s not your thing!

4. El Nido, Palawan – The Philippines


My younger sister has just got back from travelling around the Philippines and her collection of photos have made me extremely jealous. The islands of Palawan have some of the most beautiful beaches and clear blue water I have ever seen but El Nido really looks like the island paradise many of us dream of. Philippines is starting to creep up many travellers and tourists bucket list and is becoming increasingly easier to travel around as it raises its profile as a must visit travel destination.

5. Solomon Islands


Ever since reading Will Randall’s book ‘Solomon Time’  I have dreamt of visiting this remote part of the western South Pacific Ocean where the pace of living just seems to slow down. Not the easiest of places to get to from the UK this just makes it all the more appealing.

If you really want to experience life on a desert island then there is a holiday company that could help you realise your dreams, Do Castaway offer the opportunity for intrepid holiday makers to choose either Adventure or Comfort mode for their secluded beach or island escape. There are some incredible destinations to choose from and would make me seriously consider going for the adventure survival option to see if I could cut it Bear Grylls style. Maybe then I will be ready to apply for Series 3 of The Island.