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Let’s go to…Marbella

There are few places in the world which can offer the same level of luxury as a city like Marbella. Having spent years as a popular destination amongst tourists with a lot of money behind them, this place has developed with a lot of support, and it really shows in the way that the city feels. With some parts of the area managing to maintain their affordability over the years, this isn’t just a place for those with great wealth. In fact, to give you an idea of what to do when you get there, this post will be exploring Marbella, and what it has to offer normal people like you and me. 


The nightlife in Marbella can easily rival that of party queen Ibiza. With bars ranging from dance clubs to lounges, there is something on offer for everyone on Marbella’s Golden Mile, and it is easy to find somewhere which you will enjoy spending the night whatever your budget. Thanks to low taxes and a good local economy, the drinks you’ll find in places like this tend to be made from good quality spirits and mixers and are also surprisingly good value.

Shopping & Food

When you’re going to a place built around money; shopping and food tend to be very big features. Hosting stores from massive brands both designer and high-street, Marbella offers a rare opportunity to find clothing and accessories which usually have to be bought online. Along with this, you will also find plenty of world-class food joints in this area, with options including food from all over the world, but if you’re wanting something authentic then look out for one of the many restaurants offering the typical Spanish cuisine.

Rare Experiences

Spending a day on a yacht, in a penthouse, or driving luxury sports cars are all things which most people never get to experience in their day to day lives. In Marbella you will have the opportunity to try out some of these activities and experience the ‘luxurious lifestyle’ for as long or as short a time as you like. When you choose to go for a luxury apartment to rent in Marbella, you will usually be offered activities like this by your travel provider. Of course, though, you should also be able to find them for yourself with the right research.

Beautiful Beaches

Spain is one of the best places throughout the whole of Europe to spend time on the beach. With hundreds of miles of untouched coastline, this part of the world will always hold a top spot for sunbathers and surfers alike, and Marbella is a great place to experience to best of this trend. Having been built in a location chosen for the beauty of its beaches, you can rest assured that this part of your stay will be relaxing and nothing like the time you might choose to spend in the clubs or the shops.


There are loads of reasons to visit a place like Marbella; the beach lounge scene, the clubs or even the shops. While the whole trip may cost a little more than other locations, this region’s pricing has managed to stay reasonable, and this is something which we can all take advantage of.

Have you been to Marbella? Do you fancy a short-break there in the future?