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How to…travel the world for a year

Ever wanted to know how you could travel the world for a whole year? Plenty of people do it – but how do they manage it? How do they fund it and how do they afford to keep paying the bills back home? We’ve been researching just how we could all make this dream a reality and here are just a few tips for anyone who has ever wanted to take a year out travelling the world.

Start saving early

The cost of travelling the world depends largely on where you choose to venture. Europe, North America and Australia are going to cost you a lot more to explore than South America, Africa and Asia. At the very least, you can expect to spend ten grand overall, and that’s skimping on street food and staying in hostels. Saving up this type of money isn’t easy and you’ll need to start saving early – perhaps even a year or two in advance.

To save up faster, you can always take on more hours and make some cutbacks, but this will be a gruelling few months. It’s worth setting up a high interest account so that you can build a little extra on your funds.

Consider working as you travel

Most people do a little work as they’re travelling to prevent having to save up as much money. There are all kinds of jobs that you can do whilst travelling including teaching English in schools, working in local bars and working on farms – these kinds of jobs may not require any qualifications in some countries. A teaching English as a Foreign Language qualification is often useful to have. Other jobs that may require more forward planning include holiday rep work or tour guide work. You could even consider taking your laptop with you and doing some form of digital work whenever you get wi-fi such as writing or web design. It’s possible to make money as a travel writer or a travel photographer, but this is no easy way to make an income.

Tell your employer

In most cases, you’ll have to be prepared to give up your job – few employers will let you take a year out. That said, if you’ve been loyal to an employer for a while and have been a good worker, they may be willing to hold a position open for when you get back. Just make sure to give your employer enough warning – they’re unlikely to be as sympathetic if you tell them two weeks before that you’re leaving to go travelling.

Decide what to do with financial ties

If you own or rent a home, you’ll still have bills to take care of whilst you’re away. Many people decide it’s cheapest to move out and put their belongings in local storage. Others may rent out their home to a tenant so that these bills are covered (you could even make a small profit to put towards travel expenses). As for those that own a car, you may want to take this off the road for a year and uninsured it – or simply sell it if you’re not too fussed.

Time it right

If you’ve got kids, travelling the world for a year may not be as feasible. It’s possible to do it if they’re not in school yet (although it will be very challenging), but if they’re in education you may have to accept that it’s not the right time. A lot of couples wait until retirement when the kids have moved out to plan a trip around the world. This could be a long way off for some parents – until then you can always see the world by taking small annual trips, helping to satisfy your travel bug. That said there are lots of families out there who are making waves travelling permanently or on long-term trips so it’s totally do-able.

Go for it!

Above all if you’ve decided you want to travel and can put the tips we’ve shared into practise then you should go for it but be warned once you’ve got the travel bug you won’t want to stop travelling and you’ll be onto saving for your next trip before you even get back!