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How to stay fit and healthy whilst travelling

Going on holiday usually coincides with our healthy diets going out the window as soon as we step foot onto the plane. The excitement of trying new cuisines, relaxing for hours on end and exploring new places can leave us arriving back home more than a few pounds heavier than when we left.  Especially without access to our usual fitness routines such as the gym or cardio boot camp. But staying fit and healthy, especially when travelling for a long period of time doesn’t have to be challenging. We’ve put together some simple, cheap and easy tips for staying fit and healthy while travelling. 

Breakfast Like A King ( or Queen) 

We all know the saying ‘Eat breakfast like a king, eat dinner like a pauper.’ Eating a bigger than usual breakfast helps kick start your metabolism and fuel you for the upcoming day. Breakfast is usually one of the cheapest meals of the day and if you’re lucky enough to be staying in an all-inclusive resort, it actually works out free. Try and balance your plate with a mixture of protein, carbohydrates and fibre, to keep you going until lunchtime. Foods like eggs, yoghurt, fruits and oatmeal are always good, nutritious choices. 

Get Your Yoghurt 

Yoghurt is a fantastic source for probiotics that keep your gut healthy. The friendly bacteria in yoghurt is known to help in a variety of gastric issues from bloating to acid reflux. It is also a great way to get protein into your diet if you don’t eat typical proteins like chicken or beef. It is also a staple part of the diet in many. Many countries around the globe so you will have no problem locating it no matter where you go. 

Hydrate with H20


Water is essential when it comes to staying healthy and has a whole host of benefits. From keeping oily skin at bay to keeping your nails strong and healthy, water is a very important thing. It is also easy to get bottled water in most if not all countries ( stay away from tap water!). If you’re staying somewhere more remote, consider getting a filter based water bottle to try and remove as many impurities as you can from the water before drinking. 

Work Out When You Can

While you may not be able to get to your favorite gym based workouts it’s always possible to get your heart rate pumping from the comfort of your own home or hotel room. If working out alone isn’t your thing have a look around your destination city for drop-in classes like the ballroom dance classes offered at Arthur Murray

Opt Away From Taking Away 

Grocery shopping can seem like a hassle that takes up much of a good holiday. After all its much more fun to eat your destination countries lovely cuisine every night and learn about their culture. However, this can add up extremely quickly and especially if you are travelling for an extended period of time, leave you running out of money quicker than you would have expected. Eating a selection of store-bought food the majority if time allows you to make healthy choices while still getting to enjoy everything your holiday has to offer.