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Feeling at Home on Holiday

Relaxing holidays are fantastic; good for slowing down and reconnecting with both yourself and others. While sometimes we want adventure and to spend our holiday time exploring, learning new things, meeting new people and seeing as much as we can, it’s not always what we need. You might spend shorter city breaks exploring and trying to fit everything in as you make the most of your time. But, other times, you need nothing more than to relax. While you might spend some of your time exploring local tourist attractions and events, the rest of the time, you just want to chill out, recharge your batteries and catch up on some rest.

Most of us have busy lifestyles. We’re always on the go. We don’t sleep enough. We work all of the time. We look after our families, launch our own businesses and try to find ways to make more money. It’s no wonder that occasionally it all gets a bit too much. We become stressed out, and we burn out. When this happens, a relaxing holiday is exactly what we need.


But, while going away has many advantages, and it’s certainly easier to leave daily chores and work behind when we’re away from home, we don’t all find it easy to relax in strange hotels or holiday rentals. It’s impersonal, it doesn’t feel homely, and it doesn’t mean anything to us. What we really need is to be able to feel at home while we are away from home.

Find the Right Accommodation

There are countless budget hotel chains out there. But, every room looks the same. It’s functional and plain. The walls and light, but boring. It has everything that you could need, but it’s impossible to make a personal connection to your space. If you want to be able to relax fully, you need more. These serviced apartments could be ideal. It’s much more like a home away from home.

I’m also a recent convert to Air BnB after spending a lovely time in one in Winchester over New Year it really felt like a home away from home and with children this is becoming increasingly important for us. We’ve chosen two amazing Air BnBs for our trips to Dorset and Cornwall and it means we actually have barely any baby and childrens equipment to bring with us as it’s all already there!

Take Some Home Comforts

Small things from home can make your hotel or apartment feel more homely and help you to settle. Your own pillow or blanket and even a few touches like photos and accessories can make all of the difference. Or if you’re like me and a tea lover your favourite cup and bags of tea!!

Food and Drink

Even those budget hotels feature a kettle and some basic supplies. But, if they aren’t your usual favourites, they won’t help you to feel at home. Take a pack of tea bags and your favourite biscuits and treats with you and you are sure to find it easier to relax. See I told you this was important!


You’ll never feel at home if you are living out of a suitcase, and yet so many of us do just that when we are away. There doesn’t seem much point in unpacking when we’re not staying long. But, taking a few minutes to unpack can make it easier to settle and make you feel less like you are somewhere different.

If you’re only staying somewhere a short time before moving on then consider purchasing packing cubes so you can section off your case and only unpack what you need. They’ve been game changers for us on holiday before.

Meet People or Don’t Meet People

When we’re at home, even on a day off when we don’t have plans, we see people. We smile at our neighbours, we see people we know as we pop out for some milk and we say hello to people that we pass. On holiday, we only talk to people we need to and our travel companions. Say hello to other guests and chat with people when you’re out, and you’ll start to unwind. I have to admit I am terrible at this, I’m a naturally sociable person but actually love keeping myself to myself if I am on a resort type holiday! All I need are some headphones and a good book and I don’t feel need the talk to anyone for a whole day if I don’t want to and that’s fine too!

What home comforts do you like when you’re travelling or on holiday?