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European Cities You Can Visit In Every Season

If you would like to soak in the culture and tradition of Europe (potentially while we still can before Brexit happens) and make the most out of your travels, you might be thinking about a spring break in one of the great cities on the continent. You might think that summer is the best time to travel, and you need to have good weather to enjoy the scenes, but you can take a European city break any season, rain or shine and actually travelling during the shoulder seasons are better value for money. Let me introduce you to some of my favourite any season any weather European cities.


With hundreds of museums and great public transport, four underground tube lines that will let you cross this city in just a few minutes, you cannot go wrong with Budapest. Add in great restaurants, quirky bars and favourably cheap rates across the city you’re onto a winner. If the weather decides not to treat you well, you can always book a day at one of the seven spas in Budapest, where you can warm yourself up. You will find loads of thermal baths with hot water where you can simply sit in the pool outside, watching the snow fall. An experience to remember for life.


Paris is amazing in the summer and spring, but it is less crowded when it is not sunny outside. You can get better prices and still see all the attractions and museums you wanted to. If you are an amateur photographer or a travel blogger, you might simply want to go when there are fewer people around, so you can take photos of the buildings and landscapes that captivate you. I once got to the Louvre Museum at 7am so I could take photos without anyone around! You might even be able to afford to stay longer and rent Glamour Apartments to give yourself time to explore a little off the beaten track.


The relatively mild climate of Athens makes this city the perfect winter destination for anyone. You might need to take a coat, but the public transport of the city is great and you can visit some of the most famous places without having to freeze outside. Athens has a great atmosphere, and  – with fewer people around – you can see how the locals live and get on with their lives when they are not looking after the tourists.


This charming capital is a great destination with mild climate, loads of traditional scenes, and quality accommodation. You will love the different scenes and the museums that show you how the Slavic people settled and had their lives disrupted by the Soviet Union in the last century. I actually visited Dubrovnik in August and found it very very hot (and busy) so would definitely recommend heading there during Spring or after the main Summer period. The city is also famously a filming location for the hit show Game Of Thrones so it’s of massive interest to fans of the show who want to get a piece of Kings Landing.


Image via Wikimedia Commons


I loved Berlin, even during a cold and wet trip there one February it still had all the edge and history you’d expect from the German capital. If you are a history lover, you certainly need to visit Berlin. It is not only the Berlin Wall Museum you have to see, but other reminders of the post-war era, too. The unique music and artistic scene of Berlin will make you fall in love with Europe. There is a book festival every year, featuring the greatest talent in Europe, and you can see some of the best contemporary exhibits in the city’s hundreds of museums.

What’s your favourite European city to visit come rain or shine?