Travel Hacks

Don’t forget these hot weather and climate essentials…

The weather in the U.K. is suddenly unseasonably hot which has had many people unprepared for these high temperatures. To make sure you’re ready for the next time the hot weather arrives or for when you head to sunnier climates anyway then here’s some things you can’t forget whether travelling on your own or in a group.

Burning Too Quickly

While we may all have an abundance of sun creams at our disposal, if we’re not used to excessive periods of time out in the sun, we need to know if we burn quickly or not. But in addition to this, we have to think about our reaction to excessive time in the sun. If we spend too much time out of the sun, we could very easily get heat stroke, or end up with exhaustion, or heat cramps.

Picking The Right Clothing

We think it’s an easy option, we wear loose-fitting garments, but while this is a good idea, in theory, we have to be aware that we don’t expose our skin so much. We need loose-fitting clothing to help air circulate against the skin, but if we don’t wear the right clothing, excessive exposure to the sun, especially on parts of the body that usually don’t see the sunlight could result in burns.

Looking For The Air Conditioning

If we’re going to a hot climate, we can usually make the assumption that there is air conditioning available. But, while there are plenty of places in America that have air conditioning in abundance, this isn’t always the case in Europe, and definitely not in Africa, the Caribbean, or South America. Instead, make sure that you do your research to ensure that the places you’re going to have an abundance of air conditioning. It’s always best to check the websites of restaurants, tourist attractions, and hotels.

Using Cooling Hacks

You need something up your sleeve in case it’s all a bit too much for you. One handy tip would be to learn how to reduce body heat which can be done in many different ways. If you are out in the sun, and you are really struggling with the heat, there are many tips and tricks to help lower your core body temperature, but the most important thing you can remember is to have water with you wherever you go. If you always have some bottled water handy, then you won’t struggle as much in the heat. And while water is able to quench your thirst and keep you cool for a bit, don’t underestimate lowering your core temperature with cold food. If you ever needed an excuse to eat more ice cream, this is it! Because cold foods like ice cream bring this freezing temperature into your belly, this benefits your entire body.

Hotter climates are great in theory, but if you’re not used to it, you could find yourself struggling. By all means, enjoy the sun, but remember to enjoy it safely!