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5 Hugely Under-rated Adventure Travel Destinations

If you’re looking for a great adventure holiday there are plenty of places that immediately spring to mind. You could go hiking in the alps or head out to Africa for an amazing safari. But those places are all pretty expensive and you’ll have to deal with a lot of other tourists. But those aren’t the only places where you can have an amazing adventure holiday, the world is filled with amazing destinations that don’t get the recognition that they deserve. If you’re looking for a great adventure holiday without the hefty price tag or the huge crowds, why not try one of these great underrated adventure destinations instead? These are all on my ever expanding bucket list that I really hope one day I’ll get to tick off.

South Korea


South Korea often gets overlooked in favor of Japan or China, which are both great destinations that have a lot of adventurous activities to offer. But don’t neglect South Korea because it’s equally as good. Most people know South Korea as a hub of technological advancement but that’s usually because people tend to go to Seoul. The thing is, that’s only a tiny part of what this incredible country has to offer. The locals in South Korea love hiking but travelers rarely take advantage of the beautiful landscapes there. There are over 20 mountains that you can climb just in the area around Seoul and many more spread around the rest of the country. That means you can get the best of both worlds and explore the incredible capital city and explore the many hiking trails in one trip. On top of the great hiking opportunities, South Korea is ideal for cyclists as well. They’ve got a well developed road system that winds through the picturesque landscapes so cycling is a breeze. The climate in South Korea is very temperate and they’ve got four distinct seasons so you can get involved in different activities all year around.



Portugal is an incredibly popular travel destination but it’s mainly known for its beach resorts and it’s certainly the thing that has drawn me to visit in the past. The coast of Portugal is filled with people relaxing on the beach and taking a dip in the ocean, but if you head to a different area of the country, you’ll find plenty of adventure activities to get stuck into. The Azores is a relatively unknown area of Portugal which is a shame because it’s absolutely beautiful. These islands off the coast of Portugal are home to some stunning volcanoes and lush green landscapes. If you love animals you can take some great wildlife trips to the Azores. You’ll be able to see dolphins and maybe even catch a glimpse of some majestic whales if you’re lucky. There are some great jeep tours on offer which will take you around some of the volcanoes and other great natural features on the island. At the end of a long day of adventuring, you can relax in one of the many warm springs on the island.



The Republic of Georgia isn’t that high on most people’s bucket lists but if you love hiking holidays and amazing natural landscapes, it should be on yours. You can go trekking in the Caucasus mountains, particularly in the areas of Svaneti and Tusheti. But it’s not just the great hiking trails that you go to Georgia for, it’s the culture as well. There is a lot of rich historical and cultural heritage in Georgia which makes it a great educational destination for kids.The people in Georgia are amongst the most welcoming in the world so expect to be greeted with big meals and a friendly attitude wherever you go. The capital city of Tbilisi is a rich tapestry of beautiful architecture and winding cobbled streets. The cuisine in Georgia is so interesting as well because it sits in an intersection between Europe and Asia.



Austria isn’t completely overlooked because it’s well known as a great skiing destination and a lot of people do go out there in the summer months to go hiking. But all of that stuff is just the tip of the iceberg. Over 75 percent of the land is countryside packed full with all sorts of amazing adventure activities. You could go mountain biking through the dense forests, go tobogganing down the mountain paths or even try your hand at ice climbing. When the winter months are over and the weather warms up, all of that snow melts and uncovers even more exciting activities for you to try. Once the ice on the rivers and lakes has melted, you can go kayaking or even white water rafting. If you’ve only been to Austria for the skiing, it’s definitely worth going back for another trip because you’ve only scratched the surface. And if all that adventuring is too much then head to Salzburg and indulge yourself in some Sound of Music nostalgia, the majority of the film was filmed in the town itself and tours are on everyday and even come with impromptu singing!



When people think of Colombia, they’re probably picturing the lawless wasteland depicted in the Netflix series Narcos about the drug baron Pablo Escobar. It’s true that Colombia has a very difficult past and it used to be a no-go zone for tourists because it was incredibly dangerous. But all of that has changed now and the country is a completely different place. It’s no longer a hub for criminals, it’s a haven for adventurers. This incredibly diverse country is home to jungles, mountain ranges, and beaches to explore. You can find some amazing wildlife there or go hiking through a mountain trail. The culture there is equally varied because of its imperial heritage. The country is a melting pot of people from around the globe and you’ll see that in the culture and traditions that you find there. It also means that you can sample the varied and interesting cuisine there. If you’re worried about Colombia being dangerous, you don’t need to be. The criminal element in the country is gone and they’re keen to reinvent themselves. That means that the locals are incredibly welcoming of tourists.

There’s a lot to be said for the popular adventure destinations like the Alps or African safaris but you shouldn’t limit yourself. The world is filled with so many great adventure destinations that don’t get the attention that they deserve.

Have you ever considered any of the destinations for your next travel adventure? Surprised at our choice? Where else can we add to our under-rated travel adventure list?