4 reasons to visit Nepal

Every year I add an increasing number of places to my bucket list and this year I’m putting Nepal back to the top of my list but know that it’s unlikely I’ll be going there for a few years so you’re going to have to make do with my wanderlust for now AND find out why YOU should all go instead!

Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia, famous for its mountains, the abundance of nature, its sense of spirituality and the overwhelming friendliness of its locals. Over 40,000 British people visit Nepal every year, and it is a bucket-list destination for many people all over the world, so if you’re yet to consider Nepal for your 2020 travels, then here are just 4 of the reasons you should put it on your travel list.

1. Nepal is the country of mountains and nature

Nepal is truly the country of mountains, nestled in the Himalayas and home to the infamous Mount Everest – if you’re an adventurer then a trip to Everest basecamp should definitely be on your bucket list. But Nepal has so much more to offer than just the opportunity to visit Mount Everest, it is also home to some of the most breathtaking views on the planet and some of the best trecking experiences that the world has to offer. And if you’re also a fan of cinematic lakes then Nepal has some of the most picturesque glacial filled lakes in the world, to experience it all and ensure you see the best this country has to offer then consider booking a Nepal Tour Package.

2. To experience the unique and diverse culture

Nepal is a cultural haven and a mixing pot of music, architecture, religion and literature. Both multi-racial and multi-lingual, more than 90 languages are spoken across Nepal with speakers of each having their own oral traditions and culture. Nepal is rich with unique cultural groups like Tharu, Yadav, Ahir and Newars and with many different religions co-existing amongst one another, there are no shortages of religious festivals and celebrations. The architecture in Nepal is an art form in itself and is broadly split into three groups, the stupa style, the pagoda style, and the shikhara style.


 3. Nepal offers great value for money.

 Other than the cost of your flights themselves, Nepal offers great value for money for travellers from all over the world. As a developing country, a lot of the amenities in Nepal are very cheap in comparison to Europe, America or Australasia and you will find that you are able to stretch even a very limited budget much further. To get the most out of their flight costs many people choose to stay in Nepal for a longer period of time than they usually would elsewhere, between 2-6 weeks, to fully immerse themselves in the culture and the beauty of their new surroundings. 

4. To experience the spirituality 

Nepal is a multicultural country making it a wonderful place to visit for those wanting to get in touch with their spiritual side, over 80% of the population of Nepal identify as Hindu and 9% as Buddhist and it is hailed as the birthplace of Buddhism. Across Nepal exist some of the worlds most incredible temples which reflect the countries stunning architecture, two of the most famous being the Pashupati temple and the Janakpur temple which is often called the Nepolise alternative to the Taj Mahal.

Has Nepal made it onto your bucket list?