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Most wanted: 2016 Wanderlust wish-list

After all the excitement of 2015 and my reflections on an amazing year of travel in my top 10 travel moments I have now started to think about 2016 and all I want to accomplish in my personal and professional lives with at both work and home. I recently retweeted this tweet from an account I follow called @TeacherGoals as it really resonates with how I am feeling at the moment.

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There’s no point in making resolutions if you’re not going to do anything about them so I won’t be making a list as such, I have some goals in mind and they will remain under wraps until I have a proper plan that will enable them to be realised. For now, I am going by the rule of ‘do what makes you happy’ and if you do that then it can’t really go too badly can it? Even my favourite wine glass agrees…


So one thing that does make me happy is planning where I could go and then of course going there, so I present to you my 2016 most wanted wanderlust wish-list!


February Half-Term: we will be flying up to Edinburgh to stay with friends and have a catch up as well as getting out and about to see some of the sights I didn’t see on my first visit there in 2014. I am very excited about this trip as we are also planning on a tour of the Edinburgh Gin Distillery and then having a few drinks at their speakeasy Heads and Tails in the evening.

Easter: This will be a busy but awesome break as we finally bit the bullet and booked for Cuba. I’ve wanted to go for ages and although I won’t get to see all of the Island in the 10 days we have, we are going to try and get a huge amount done with 3 days in Havana already planned and then trips to Trinidad and some other less visited places. We opted to book a package deal as in the end it just worked out cheaper with chartered flights, I know some people will scoff at this and say it’s not ‘travelling’ properly but sometimes the package beats a completely independently booked trip as I wrote about in a post on Travel Contrasts a while ago.

After Cuba, I am tackling one of my goals head on by going to Cardiff to attend the Traverse travel bloggers conference, I really want to get better at writing content and being active on social media so where better to learn than from the best of the travel blogging best. It also means I will get to see some of Cardiff and in the spirit of wanting to travel more closely to home in 2016 it fits perfectly. If anyone else reading this is going to the conference then please let me know in the comments below, would be great to meet up with people!

Summer: Some very good friends of ours are getting married at Bovey Castle, Devon in the middle of July so we are planning on spending a weekend there and will hopefully get a chance to explore some of Dartmoor National Park where the castle is situated.

Apart from that we don’t really have anything else booked in as yet, there is the possibility of attending another wedding in Tenerife during the October half-term but we’re a little too far in advance to get that booked up. I definitely want to head to some other places and here are my current favourites (obviously EVERYWHERE is on my list!)


Salzburg, Austria

Mirabel Gardens

Old Town, Salzburg

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I have no shame in admitting I love ‘The Sound of Music’ and that the main reason I want to go Salzburg is because it’s where the majority of the film was shot and you can do a super cheesy tour of all the major movie locations with the soundtrack playing on the tour bus! I think my little sister would be well up for this as the other half has shown little interest in living out my musical dreams, I am pretty sure we convince Mum to come along too.

Budapest and Sarvar, Hungary

Hungarian Spa


View over Budapest

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I have family in Hungary so really should make sure this trip gets planned in for 2016 as I haven’t seen them for a good few years. The majority of my family live in a small town called Sarvar which is fairly near the Austrian border and most famous for it’s excellent thermal bath and spa. I also have some relative whom live in the capital Budapest, I’ve only ever been to the capital as a teenager and can’t really remember that much of it so would love to go back and do it all again as an adult.

New York

Freezing in Central Park, December 2007

Freezing in Central Park, December 2007

Top of the Rock, December 2007

Top of the Rock, December 2007

Again somewhere I’ve been before but would love to visit once more, luckily the other half agrees and we’ve been talking about doing an NYC trip together since we first got together so maybe this will be the year it actually happens. I last visited between Thanksgiving and Christmas and whilst this was great for the sales it meant it was actually freezing and spent most of my time in warm cafes, bars and shops. I feel like I didn’t get to see that much and do all the touristy things you are supposed to on your first visit to New York so a trip back is needed.


Pandas in Chengdu

Pandas in Chengdu

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

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We’ve recently just been issued our British Airways 2for1 companion voucher so I’ve been looking at how we should redeem it. Ideally the best way to get the most value is to go as far as possible in as high a class as possible, Australia is out of the question as we would need to double the Avios points we already have but China or somewhere else in Asia is a definite possibility. Top of my itinerary wish-list would be Chengdu for the Pandas, Beijing for everything and X’ian for the Terracotta Warriors. I am sure once I purchase another Lonely Planet travel guide I will have so many more ideas and will be pinning lots to Pinterest in the future.

I still have some other places left-over to visit from my 2015 Wishlist; Dubai and Costa Rica are still up there as is Borneo but I do have those plans in place with me heading up a school expedition there in 2017. I am sure as the year goes on I will be mentally adding to this list and probably visiting other cities and countries I wouldn’t have thought to at the start of the year.

What are your travel plans for 2016 and is there somewhere you are desperate to go but haven’t planned it yet? Let me know in the comments below.